Clinical Exchange Orders & Results

Our Clinical Exchange solutions are designed to work within existing infrastructure to reduce potential financial and operational risks. Together, our solutions electronically deliver more than 50 million results and clinical reports on our Clinical Exchange, as well as over thirteen million orders.

Change Healthcare Clinical Exchange Orders & Results quickly connects laboratories and ancillary services to the provider offices they serve, producing clean orders and satisfied physicians. Results and reports are delivered back to provider offices, streamlining workflow and reducing manual effort

Improve Efficiency

Clinical Exchange Orders & Results streamlines the workflow and removes obstacles by alleviating the need for paper-based manual work.

Streamlines Workflow

With the Clinical Exchange, you can electronically place orders and deliver results within the existing system and workflow you’re accustomed to using. 

Drive Outcomes

Our Clinical Network can focus results cohesively in your existing EHR workflow, allowing you to manage patient outcomes based on data from all of your diagnostic providers


Clean Orders. Quick Results. Improved Physician Satisfaction. By streamlining processes and integrating the rules of all stakeholders, Orders and Results lets you process and bill orders immediately upon receipt.

  • Easy to use ordering solution for mulitple diagnostice providers
  • Integrated rules that help ensure orders are correct the first time
  • Online directory of services available from participating service providers
  • Automated results routed to your EHR
  • AutoPrint automated printing available



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